Unaware of her father, a man rapes an American girl inside the bathroom of a famous restaurant


You have to be careful before leaving your children in any public place alone .. The little girl shouted “Daddy” to try to find help
Whoever helps her from inside McDonald’s bathroom, where she was raped by a stranger
He followed her to the bathroom and did his awful thing.

The American parent, with his son and daughter, entered a bathroom
The men asked the child to wait for him outside the toilet door until her brother was relieved, but suddenly
A 34-year-old man, Christopher Puente, attracted the child to his toilet, muted her mouth, and assaulted
On her while her father did not hear.

Shocking details were shown of the crime inside the McDonald’s restaurant
In Chicago during a court hearing for Christopher Puente, where the girl was inside the restaurant
In the city with her father and brother, according to the Metro newspaper.

He pulled her inside, undressed, and then raped her, prosecutors say
The girl was crying for help, but nobody heard her because the criminal had muted her voice while
The girl’s father tried to break the toilet door, and grabbed the girl’s legs to remove it.

The father entered into a violent fight with the criminal who tried to escape but was thrown
The police arrested him and confessed to his crime.

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