Update to the new pubg 6.3 and the newest wonderful additions for trains, railways and how to stay alive


We publish to you via our new pubg 6.3 update, as part of the permanent updates that the game presents, as it recently released a major update to Season 6, and this update included adding many features that players need, as this update was keen to solve any problem facing players, as was added And wonderful new updates, including changing the shape of the island Vikendi so that trains and railways are added through which the player can move between the islands using maps.

New pubg 6.3 update

  • Add railways and trains to navigate through it on the map.
  • Inclusion of a glider flight path for the first time, as the red zones, which become a threat to players outside the situation, have been modified.
  • Providing a new group of deadly weapons, including heavy, light and medium weapons and smoke bombs, which help to continue fighting by adjusting the balance.

  • Survival tricks are among the most important new additions that make the player continue to play longer and achieve advanced levels, by being in strong locations with a map of cracks, hiding behind perforated walls in order to hunt the enemy, and take cover behind tunnels and shelters.
  • There is also a Rank Ruleset test and this test appears for the first time players through which it is possible to combine the strengths in order to design a new group strong and appropriate to the ways of playing, and maps are provided from Miramar and Erangel with the reduction of the number of players to become 64 players.

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