Urgent .. cutting water to Giza Governorate for 6 hours – Egypt


The Giza Water and Sewerage Company has announced that water will be cut off from Giza Governorate for 6 hours, from three oclock this afternoon until nine oclock in the evening.

The statement stated that, due to the continuous increase in the rate of turbidity in the course of the Nile River as a result of torrential rains in Atfih and Al-Saff passing through the path of the socket of all drinking water and sewage stations in Giza, which resulted in an increase in the turbidity rate to about 4,500 acres, which led to the lack of capacity On disposal, this caused a blockage of the filters and a decrease in the level of the filtered water tanks, and the stop of the stations became an urgent necessity to conduct the process of washing the filters and restarting again and pumping the water gradually.

The statement added: “The company regrets this excuse outside its control, and provides mobile water cars suitable for drinking in the affected areas. If there is any complaint, please call the hotline 125.”

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