Urgent decision from the management of Luxor Festival for African Cinema due to Corona


It has not been revealed yet whether or not it will resume the rest of the festival’s activities, as the closing ceremony was expected to take place on March 12.

The Luxor Festival for African Cinema is one of the most important projects of the Young Artists Independent Foundation affiliated to the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and it aims to link the Egyptian culture to its African roots, and to break the centrality of the arts and transfer them from Cairo and Alexandria to the city the shortest.

The festival honored its current star, Jimmy John Lowe, the Senegalese Nigerian artist, Maymouna Ndiaye, the artist Mustafa Shaban and the artist Amr Abdel Galil, and the artist Zina.

This year’s course bears the name of the late great artist Farid Shawky.

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