Urgent government directive to close all beaches due to Coruna


01:45 PM

Saturday 28 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Major General Mahmoud Sharawy, Minister of Local Development, instructed the governors to close all the beaches they have in front of visitors to prevent gatherings and confront the spread of the Corona virus, from today, Saturday, until further notice to preserve the safety and health of citizens.

Shaarawi said, in a statement, today, Saturday, that the decision was made based on photos and videos published by some media and social media, that there are gatherings of citizens on a number of beaches in Ain Sukhna, Alexandria and other places in the governorates.

In the same context, the Minister of Local Development instructed the governors to quickly take the necessary measures and coordinate with security managers to allow service contractors, cleaning companies and rapid intervention teams in neighborhoods and cities to move during the ban dates announced by the Prime Minister to quickly raise the daily accumulations of garbage and is expected to continue to increase during that period in light of The comprehensive measures taken by the state to confront the spread of the Corona virus, which will last for two weeks, to preserve the public health and safety of all citizens and improve the environment around them.

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