Urgent request from Ahmed Moussa to the Prime Minister because of Corona … video


The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, called on the Prime Minister to issue more severe precautionary decisions to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Ahmed Moussa added in his program “On My Responsibility”, broadcast on “Echo Al Balad” channel, “A decision must be taken to work employees from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon only.”

And Ahmed Moussa added: “The next 10 days are very difficult in the face of the Corona virus, and we must stay in the house to limit the spread of the Corona virus.”

The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, continued: “The Egyptian state faces a war against the Corona virus, just like the whole world.”

The media, Ahmed Moussa, continued: “Our hands are hanging in the hands of doctors and medical personnel in the health and medical sector.”

The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, said: “I send a salute to the White Egypt Army, which faces the Corona virus, as the doctors are putting their lives daily to death every day, and they are the first frontline.”

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