Urgent: Saleh Gomaa accused of running over a worker in Giza and running away with his car – accidents


Security sources said that Al-Ahly’s player, Saleh Jumaa, hit a tourist center employee with his car, at six in the morning, and fled.

The sources added that the employee was subjected to separate bruising, and was transferred to Misr International Hospital for treatment, and by asking him, he accused Saleh Jumaa of shocking him with his car, while he was standing with a number of his colleagues in front of the tourist center, where he works.

A notification received from Misr International Hospital, with the arrival of “M.M.”, 31, a technician at a tourist center, Nile Tourist Street, suffered from separate bruises on the body, and a broken nose, after the BMW car collided, passers-by told him that it was leading the first team player in Al-Ahly Club, Saleh Juma.

By revealing her paintings, it was found that it belongs to his brother Abdullah Jumaa, player of Zamalek.

Moving to the scene of the accident, a number of witnesses were reached, who confirmed the authenticity of the injured man’s statement, and that the player was Sahran, one of the families, on the Nile Tourist Street.

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