US Central Command: Our attacks in Iraq are a message to Iran



The US Central Command warned Iran, on Friday, against threatening our forces or allies, stressing that it has the will to respond to any attacks targeting American forces, stressing that US attacks in Iraq are “a message to Iran.”

“We will not allow the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades to target us,” said the commander of the US Central Command, adding: “We have close contact with the Iraqi authorities and intelligence,” stressing that US actions in Iraq are defensive in character. He added that “Washington consulted with Iraq in the aftermath of the attack … they knew that the response was coming.”

He added, “We will not wait for the attack on us to respond,” adding: “We consult with our Iraqi partners about the source of the strikes,” adding that “the sites that were targeted in Iraq belong to terrorists.” He added, “The Iraqi Hezbollah has launched 12 attacks in the past months.”

He said that the militias in Iraq are looking for a mechanism to work for them after the killing of Qassem Soleimani, referring to the commander of the Quds Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, who was killed by an American strike in early January near Baghdad airport.

The commander of the Central Command stressed that Iran does not seek an all-out war at a time subject to severe sanctions, stressing that “Iran has learned some lessons from the killing of Soleimani” and stressed that “the killing of Soleimani made it difficult for Iran as a proxy war.”

He added that the Iraqi authorities are aware of the benefits and importance of the presence of American forces, noting that “Patriot missiles will be ready in Iraq within days.”

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command had confirmed, earlier, 5 members of the Iraqi army were killed in an American bombing.

The leadership statement stated that, “at exactly one oclock at dawn on Friday, Iraq was subjected to a blatant attack by American fighter planes targeting the Iraqi army units, the nineteenth division commanders, the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization and the third Babylon police regiment in the areas of Babil province.”

According to the statement, the shelling resulted in the death of “3 fighters and 4 wounded from the commandos of the nineteenth division, two of whom are in critical condition,” as well as “the killing of two and the wounding of two employees of the Babylon III police emergency regiment.”

The shelling resulted in “the injury of 5 wounded fighters of the Popular Mobilization”, as well as “the killing of a civilian worker in Karbala airport, which is under construction and another wound.”

The Iraqi army statement indicated that “the entire infrastructure, equipment and weapons were destroyed in all the headquarters that were targeted by the American aviation.”

In response to a missile attack, Wednesday, Two American soldiers and a British soldier were killed At a base north of Baghdad, the United States launched a series of air strikes on Thursday night, belonging to pro-Iranian militias, in Iraq.

The Pentagon confirmed that the United States carried out strikes targeting 5 weapons storage sites belonging to Iranian-backed militias in Iraq, saying in a statement: “The United States has carried out precise defensive strikes against the positions of Hezbollah Brigades throughout Iraq.”

He also added, “These weapons storage facilities include facilities that used to be used to target American and coalition forces.”

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