Using points … I know whether you have corona or not? – Egypt


The Ministry of Health and Population has put in place a protocol to be followed in government hospitals to determine whether or not suspected cases of the Corona virus are dependent on the use of the points system, as follows.

– A temperature rise of more than 38 “two points”.

Severe or increased coughing “two points”.

– “One point” throat congestion.

Vomiting or diarrhea

Chronic illness: sugar, pressure, heart, kidney, etc. “one point”.

Travel inside or outside Egypt: Example of Sharm El-Sheikh / Europe “5 points”.

Contact with an acute respiratory infection “4 points”.

Visiting a healthy place where a positive condition “3 points” has been established.

– To be one of the workers in the health sector or sanitary insulation, “two points”.

If the total points are as follows:

– 4 or less: stick to the home “self-isolating.”

– 5 points: Consult a doctor by phone.

– 6 or more: Please contact the concerned authorities, emergency number (105) for possible infection, the need for treatment and the start of health isolation procedures.


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