Veto gate US Vice President shocked the world about the new drug “Corona”


02:35 am – Tuesday 3 March 2020
American Vice President Mike Pence
American Vice President Mike Pence
US Vice President Mike Pence announced on Monday that it may be possible to find a drug to treat the emerging coronavirus by this summer or fall.

“The vaccine may not be available until the end of the year or the following year, but the treatment to relieve the pain of people who catch the virus may become available by the summer or early fall,” Pence told a news conference.

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The US Vice President, Mike Pence, stated that the risk of the spread of the Corona virus in the United States of America remains low.

Pence confirmed that 6 deaths and 43 HIV infections have been recorded in the United States.

Gelidisvir, a drug produced by Gilead Sciences Inc., was used to treat an infected person in the United States as part of medical experiments. The antibacterial drug was also included in the experiences and efforts of Asian countries to combat the virus.

Among other possible treatments, there is a drug that is being developed by the drug regeneron, which uses mono-antagonists to fight infections, that has already proven successful against the Ebola virus.

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