Veto gate Weather forecast announces expected temperatures tomorrow, Friday


Meteorological Authority | She announced Meteorological Authority Weather condition, tomorrow, Friday, and I expected the weather to be cold during the day at night on Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, Northwest Coast, Northeast Coast, Central Sinai, South Sinai and Red Sea chains.

Dragon storm Strong wind blowing activity at 50 km / h

The Authority added that thunderstorms are expected to fall on Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, Northwestern Coasts, Northeast Coasts and Central Sinai, to reach the extent of torrential rain on South Sinai and Red Sea chains, in addition to the disruption of maritime traffic.

She confirmed Meteorological Authority The weather is warm during the day, extremely cold at night in North and Upper Egypt, and in southern Upper Egypt, with heavy thunderstorms.

She explained that the weather is very hot during the day, moderate at night in southern Upper Egypt, and the winds are moderate.

The following is a temperature statement tomorrow:

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