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Dr. Ayman El-Sayed Salem, head of the chest department at the Faculty of Medicine of Kasr El-Ainy at Cairo University, said that the Corona virus comes from the animal kingdom that includes bats, explaining that this virus infects the lung tissue in the bat and it is possible if it does not find enough cells and reproduction to resort to its nearest species They are animals, then transmitted directly to humans.

“Salem”, during his meeting with the program “The Origin of the Story”, presented by the media Hisham Ibrahim, broadcast on the “Al-Mehwar” satellite channel, on Sunday evening, that the flu is primarily a infection of the upper respiratory tract, the symptoms of which are a cold and a cold. Then it was filtered, in addition to congestion in the falsehood, whether light, medium or severe, and it is rare to be accompanied by coughing; moreover, it is possible for a person’s temperature to reach 38 degrees accompanied by fatigue and cracking in the body, explaining that if the cough appeared, we can diagnose the condition as A degree of bronchitis, noting that the case of corona virus It affects the lung tissue and therefore the congestion is very light and unnoticeable and the nasal leak is also not present and the injury is in the form of a cough; this means that the lung tissue when cells start to be affected will begin to cough and cough continues and does not stop; as well as the temperature rises to 38 and no It decreases completely with the person with the coronavirus.

He explained that kissing, hugs and handshaking can transmit the infection significantly, noting that there is an infection with stool that means that the person is infected with the virus or infection even if the infection is simple and a simple cough, this cough comes out in the form of a spray which is a very simple water particles that are transmitted To the healthy person and in this case you find its path in the respiratory system, pointing out that it is also one of the means of transporting the enemy sneezing in an open place and in this case the surface of this place is contaminated and carriers of infection and any person who touches this place and shake hands with anyone, the virus transmits automatically and ascends to the device Respiratory, stressing Li said that if a person infected with the Corona virus was shaken without touching the nose or eye, no infection would ever occur in this case.

He emphasized that hands should be washed with soap and water continuously for a period ranging from 20 seconds to a minute, to avoid infection with the virus.

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