Video- Counter-bombing … Gilan Alaa mocks Mai Khurasiti


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Publication date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 – 17:36

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        The video blogger and broadcaster Mai Khursiti has sparked controversy over the past few days because of a video in which she talked about the Corona virus, asking the Egyptians to abandon fear of this virus because it does not pose a threat, and Mai appeared in the video while talking and acting with emotion that some felt exaggerated.<p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Mai Al Kharsiti ... warns of Corona and promotes her fiance<br/></a>

Actress Gailan Alaa published, through her accounts on social media, a video that imitated the performance of Mai Al-Kharsiti in a sarcastic way, and demanded that I not close the doors of the beauty salons, saying: I mean, I go to a pedicure, I don’t want a red manicure. Mockery article: “Shame, my countrymen.”

May Al Kharsiti had published a video clip through her accounts on social media, through which she was subjected to many criticisms, especially after her repeated assertion that corona is only a type of flu, and that this crisis is deliberate by some countries to raise terror and panic about The world, as well as Trump’s policy and willingness to hit China commercially.

This crisis is not the first for Mae Al Kharsiti. She has been criticized many times for her controversial videos on Social Media, whether some consider her content to be (+18) socially inappropriate, or because of her somewhat strange opinions towards a number of crises and issues. Egyptian society.

Watch the first video that caused Mai Khurcity to be known in Egypt

“Mai” is an Egyptian born to Egyptian parents, she lived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until the age of nine, then moved with her parents to the United States of America, and lived in it for more than twenty years, and is famous for her criticism of the Egyptians’ behaviors, especially men’s behavior towards marriage And women in general.

She also stated that she worked as a teaching assistant and psychologist at the University of Texas in the state of Texas, as well as working as a specialist in psychology and behavior analysis, and owning a restaurant in Florida.

It is noteworthy that Gilan Alaa, recently presented to her series, “Miss Farah”, taken from the series “Jane The Virgin”.

It is reported that after the series Jane The Virgin was a great success since its presentation via the Netflix network in its first part in 2014 until 2015, Egyptian producers decided to present it after its consummation over 4 parts.

The series “Miss Farah” was shown on the mbc 4 channel, starring Rania Youssef, Asmaa Abu Al Yazid, Tamer Faraj, Ahmed Magdi, Mohamed Kilani, Heba Abdel Aziz, Arefah Abdel Rasoul, Gilan Alaa and Maryam Al Khasht.

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