Video Hala Shiha: “By saying supplications before filming Dahab Aira … and Tamer Hassan


10:43 PM

Monday 23 March 2020

I wrote- Bahira Foda:

Artist Hala Shiha spoke about the scenes of the work in the series “Dahab Ayrah” with the star Yousra, as well as her movie with Tamer Hosni.

Hala said during her meeting on the “Sweetest Stars” program, presented by the media, Bossi Shalaby, on the axis of the axis: “The team is fully committed to the instructions and sterilization of the lotion, and production is equipped with everything before filming began. Thank God, every thing is there because we are not a few and have an interest Large”.

And Hala added: “I know that the issue is dangerous, but we can treat it with prevention, and God willing, we will not have a need, and may God protect our children this is the most important thing.”

And Hala continued: “We live inside the lotion in a state of laughter with the work team before filming, and we say prayers that fortify it, and we take all our precautions to keep the safety of the people around us, the topic is simple but we can reach it.”

And Hala completed: “Very happy that I am working with Yusra because she is a beautiful artist and her beauty is beautiful, her smile is beautiful and fills the place, and the director Sameh Abdulaziz is distinguished and has details other than anyone.”

And about her personality at work: “My name is Farah, a new personality I did not enjoy before that, and it is a surprise to people, and I hope they like them.”

And on the movie “Not Me”: “I have a picture, but Tamer Hosni is very afraid, and he stayed at home from Corona, and my feeling is that this movie will succeed.”

The series “Dahab Ayrah” starring actress Yusra, Hala Shiha, Khaled Sarhan, Bayoumi Fouad, Abeer Sabri, Joumana Murad, Hanadi Muhanna, and other stars written by Amin Jamal and Ahmed Adel and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.


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