Video – Mai Al-Aidan is in the funniest comment about the spread of Corona


Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan has caused great controversy among her followers on the application of Instagram because of her funny and funny comment on the news of the high number of people infected with Corona virus in Kuwait.

Mai published a video clip of the play “Pack Me Ya”, in which the artist Vivi Abdo purified while dancing in her own way and in her own style of dancing, and commented: “When they tell me, the number of people with corona in Kuwait has increased”, with some smileys.

This comment caused a sensation among its followers and was subjected to sharp criticism for making fun of this dangerous and deadly virus that is spreading in the world unexpectedly, indicating that it is a serious and dangerous situation and can not be joking.

It is mentioned that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the detection of about 45 confirmed cases of the Corona virus and that they were all isolated according to the necessary medical procedures.


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