Video of the Director of Global Health: This is how hands should be washed


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Since the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world, she confirmed World Health Organization More than once on its site the importance of hand washing, which helps to reduce transmission of the disease through contact with contaminated surfaces, for example, and then place the hand on the face.

As part of an awareness campaign and the promotion of hand-washing within the “safe hands” challenge, the director of the international organization Tedros Adhanum Gebriusos published a short video explaining the steps for effective hand-washing. He stressed the need to put enough soap, rubbing hands and between fingers and cleaning under the nails.

He also explained during the video that after washing your hands well, it is necessary to dry them with a mahram, and to turn off the water faucet forbidden as well.

Most importantly … how to wash hands

He concluded by appealing to the world, taking up this challenge, as he put it, in order to spread awareness about the importance of hand washing and the right way.

It is mentioned that the world organization made it clear in previous publications that it is necessary to wash hands for a period of not less than 25 seconds with water and soap, or to sterilize hands with a disinfectant that contains a certain percentage of alcohol that is lethal to viruses.

And announced last week, that Corona has become a global epidemic, pointing out that the number of cases outside China has increased by 13 times in the past two weeks. “Covid-19 can now be categorized as a pandemic,” Gabrius said at the time. “We have never seen a pandemic spread due to the Coruna virus.”

Two days ago, the organization clarified that Europe has become the “hot spot” of the new Corona, noting that it is “impossible” to know when the virus reaches its peak globally.

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