Video .. The director of “COVID-19” thanked “The Seventh Day” and attacked Mukamleen channel


Thanks to the young director Muhannad El-Desouky “The seventh day,” on the cover of his new documentary.COVID-19“, Which is the first Egyptian film to be translated into all languages, and Desouki attacked the Kamelin Brotherhood channel by publishing a press interview for him without his permission.

The young director Muhannad Al-Desouki has released during the past days the first documentary film on the social media, “Corona virus”, coinciding with the current atmosphere in the country, which is titled COVID-19, Translated into all languages ​​of the world, praised the work of the star, Wafaa Amer, and said: “Stay home … the first documentary film about the Corona virus … with a self-effort, long live Muhannad, long live.”

The film includes a group of young people, written by Mohamed Al-Maghrabi and represented by a number of young people and the new face, the director of photography, Abdul Rahman Salem, the graphics of Mustafa Ali, the optical tricks of Maja, and the poster of Asmaa Ismail, the assistant director of Ahmed Ghamry and the director of the port of Abdel Rahman Raji.

The last works of the young director and actor Muhannad Al-Desouki, his movie “Azazel” was a short film that talks about Satan and his problem with our master Adam, it was written, represented and directed by Muhannad Al-Desouki and portrayed by Mohamed Magdy, and the graphic director Mustafa Ali, the assistant director of Mohamed Ragab, the artist Mesteb Nada Ibrahim, and Mohamed Ragab The film is scheduled to be shown after participating in a number of festivals.


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