Video The fact that Egypt was hit by a hurricane in the coming days and the weather forecast


Mahmoud Shaheen, director of the Center for Analytical Forecasting, said that the atmosphere is rapidly fluctuating between a noticeable rise and a decrease in temperatures, and therefore clothing should not be reduced significantly.

Mahmoud Shaheen added – during a telephone intervention on the “Hazrat al-Muwattan” program broadcast on Al-Hadath channel today – that it is necessary to follow the weather forecast on a daily basis so that we know the daily temperatures and we know the weather phenomena associated with the air masses that affect us.

Mahmoud Shaheen said that during the next 48 hours there is a noticeable rise in temperatures, and the temperature tomorrow will be 26 degrees more than today by three degrees, and on Monday, the temperature will reach 29, and it will be accompanied by an exciting southwestern wind.

Mahmoud Shaheen added that the end of the week will be a state of instability, but we cannot judge it now, adding that there is a state of air instability and this is because of the end of the winter season.

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