Video The monument to a famous artist Her daughter was infected with “Corona”


Kuwaiti actress Ghadeer Al-Sabti, who had previously announced that her daughter was infected with the Corona virus, revealed that she had been subjected to an attempt to erect by a person who claimed that she was exposed to magic. .
The same person knows that his name is Sheikh Abu Al-Hassan, who says that God gathered him with her through Istikhara and showed me a lot about you and your daughter. A day does not benefit money or sons, except those who come to God with a healthy heart.He claimed that she had been subjected to magic and that if this magic succeeded, her success would stop in the world of art and acting, offering to help her get rid of the alleged magic.

The Kuwaiti artist replied to this, describing his words as “ridiculous and ridiculous”, calling on those who are subjected to Sahar to seek help from the Holy Quran.

Ghadeer announced that her daughter was injured through the storyboard feature through her account on Instagram.

She noted that this happened after her daughter’s return from London, where she felt a severe headache at the front of the head, as well as a loss of sense of smell and a desire to eat with a feeling of exhaustion, which made her go to the doctor for medical examinations, and she was diagnosed with sinus disease.

She added that after the discovery of her daughter’s infection, “Corona”, analyzes were carried out on the entire family, and it was found that her three nieces were infected with the virus, saying: “My sister’s daughters felt mild symptoms, not including high temperature as well .. The maid was also infected with the virus and will be taken to the stone Health. ”

Later, Ghadeer said, the result of her analysis was negative, adding to her followers: “Batmnkwa..of the morning they ask me about the result .. Praise be to God, I am Negativ .. so I can tell him this virus. Let us sit at the house and do not look. Because what we know is not. Lord, please make my daughter a name, the daughters of my sister, and my junkie (the maid) fine, healthy and well, and keep away all evil from you, Lord of the worlds.


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