Video – This is how Reem Al-Saeedi keeps her grace in the home stone and her daughter cuts it off


Tunisian model Reem Al-Saidi, the wife of Lebanese presenter Wissam Braidi, has published on her account on the Instagram photo and video application a new video that caught the attention of a large number of followers.

She appeared in it while exercising at home, while her older child was boycotting her and trying to imitate her by lying on the rug.

The clip saw more than 186,000 followers in a few hours, and many comments focused on the girl’s wit, spontaneity of the mother, and her aftermath.

“She kills me when you call me the word mami. I do a relaxation exercise after exercise. What are you doing in quarantine?” She wrote.

This comes while her husband is subject to isolation, which he announced in a video clip he posted on his Instagram account. He said that he had imposed a quarantine on himself after he suspected that he had contracted the disease caused by the infection of the newly emerging coronavirus, after returning from abroad several times recently.

He added that he was away from his family members as a precaution for fear that he might be infected with the virus and that the infection would spread to them.


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