Violent attack by the public .. Shocking price of the mask of Mohamed Ramadan in order to face Corona … Delete the video


Artist Publishing Mohamed Ramadan A video through his personal account on the social networking site Instagram, in which he appeared wearing a golden muzzle while driving a car in an attempt to address Corona Virus The newbie.
The cost of this muzzle was one thousand US dollars, equivalent to 15,000 Egyptian pounds, to be exposed Mohamed Ramadan A wave of criticism from his followers who attacked him for his exposure to his financial means and the use of the Coruna virus to stir controversy.
Then he arose Mohamed Ramadan He called himself “Number One” by deleting the video from his Instagram account.
Recall that Mohamed Ramadan He will participate in the upcoming Ramadan season of the series “Al-Prince” with the Lebanese director Mohammed Sami and Nour.


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