Warning for young people … A small sign indicates that you are infected with the Corona virus


Symptoms are the tip of the thread that leads to knowing whether or not someone is infected with the Coronavirus, and health officials have warned people not to look for dry cough or fever as first signs of a coronavirus, but another symptom that affects younger patients.

Some people have reported that they suffer from a lack of smell and taste, known as anemia, despite the absence of the usual signs of coughing or fever, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mirror”.

Scientists have now included this symptom as a symptom of hidden vectors of coronavirus.

Professor Nirmal Kumar, Head of the UK ENT Department, has urged people to isolate themselves if they have this symptom.

The doctor explained that young patients may not have any important symptoms such as coughing and fever, but they may suffer from a loss of sense of smell and taste, which suggests that these viruses are present in the nose.

He also indicated that there is already good evidence from South Korea, China and Italy that large numbers of covid-19 patients who have been diagnosed with anemia / hypoglycemia and olfactory loss.

Studies of people living with HIV have reported that nearly a third of patients who have been diagnosed in South Korea, China and Italy have suffered an odor loss.

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