Warnings: Working from home to prevent corona presses on the Internet


Experts have warned that many companies have implemented mandatory home work policy as a precautionary measure against the Corona virus, but adopting this solution may lead to problems connecting to the Internet, and the additional pressure of remote access, video conferencing, and use of VPNs may cause some difficulties Internet infrastructure.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the local broadband for customers served by a network of antique copper wires will be the most affected and may witness data congestion.

Work from home
Work from home

Technology companies with high data demands, such as Twitter, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, are among the companies that ban employees from using their offices.

The virus has now infected more than 100,000 people worldwide, including 163 in the United Kingdom, and has killed at least 3,400 people.

She told Lisa Pearce, networking expert at Gartner In the United States: “The weak link in the chain where the system can press it will be the main broadband network.”

She explained: “People will congestion and data just like what happens on the highway, where the speed decreases from 60 mph to 20.”

Customers who deal with slow internet, provided by the old copper wire network, will be affected first, and the possibility of some disturbances is possible.

It is worth noting that working from home on a large scale is also risky, as recent comments by Dr. Asma ‘Adnan from Loughborough University reveal that it increases the risk of penetration.

Being outside the office and without accessing a secure local network means that the devices have weak security settings, so Adnan recommends using a VPN (VPN), Which encrypts the data that is transmitted between the user’s computer and the business network.


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