Watch … a famous artist announces his marriage with a picture from the bed


The Egyptian artist, Ahmed Flux, posted a comment through his account on Instagram, announcing his new wife and his love story.

He wrote in his comment on the photo: “Because of the images of these people, they said to me that I got married, and that I spent my honeymoon and met them. They said to me that I got past my custom and met them. They said many words, but I love the moment, I say I am … The truth is, uh, let me marry the person I met, and the truth is she was with me in the same school and ten years And, as they said, a beautician is really a businesswoman in the tourism field.

And he continued: “And she built very respectable people and his family, and because her weight is moving in Dahab and for the truth, I can go and ask her and I will honor her passport. I need a lot of arrangements, and I have a lot of dowries, because her dowry is not an ordinary dowry, and her network will not be a normal network … And since I am not young and I have a son, certainly it is also It is not small and I have one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen in my life, so I certainly need the time and preparation, and I want to go to her family on this big topic …. So, because this is still not a straightforward step. ”

Ahmed Flux added: “Invite me for hours so that Rinas livelihood will be for his servant. He is one such Zee shared with my life … To those who are interested in my passport, may God grant me success …. This is my response to the issue of permissibility … In the end, I would like to say one word regarding the subject of the bed Local sugar with cream on it.


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