Watch … a touching moment at a Spanish hospital after a patient recovered from Corona


Source: Arabic.Net – Laith Bazzari

A video of “Arabia_net” showed an impressive moment, to the delight of Spanish doctors at Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid after the first case of the Corona virus was recovered in this hospital.

Everyone applauded warmly, at a moment when she expressed the patient’s victory in the face of the emerging virus.

The Spanish government said Saturday that it will do everything necessary to combat the Corona pandemic and warned that “the worst is yet to come”, after the number of deaths in the country exceeded 1,300 cases and the number of cases of the virus reached nearly 25 thousand cases.

There was no indication of any slowdown in the outbreak of the virus in Europe’s second most affected country, after the number of deaths jumped more than 300 since Friday.

hard situation

“We have not yet received the strongest and most damaging waves that will test our material and moral abilities to the fullest extent, in addition to our spirit as a society,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in a press briefing.

Sanchith said that Spain had not gone through such a difficult situation since its civil war in 1936-1939, during which about half a million people died. He said his government was working on plans to produce the equipment needed to fight Corona in Spain, such as masks.

Ideal on the streets of Spain

His leftist government declared a week ago a state of emergency throughout Spain for 15 days and prevented people from leaving their homes unless necessary.

Sanchez praised the “ideal” response and said he did not intend to increase the restrictions it described as the most severe in Europe.

The Spanish prime minister also did not mention the extension of the state of emergency, despite warning that difficult weeks were awaiting the country.

The number of deaths in Spain jumped from 1,002 on Friday to 1,326 on Saturday, according to data released by the Ministry of Health on Saturday. The number of cases increased from 19980 to 24926.

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