Watch … the police apply penalties for violators of the street curfew


After a decision Mustafa Madbouly, The Prime Minister, by enforcing the curfew in the streets and in shops, in order to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, the police deployed in the streets to apply the sanctions that the Prime Minister imposed on violators of the curfew decision, whether by gathering, opening stores, or even roaming the street during the hours of the ban.

“Echo country” camera, spotted taking several police Procedures In one area of ​​Al-Marj to punish the violators, the policemen appeared wearing masks and gloves to fight the infection while they were roaming the streets to monitor the violations.

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“Madbouly” announced at a press conference in the Council of Ministers a package of new decisions, which are to ban the movement of citizens on public roads from yesterday, Wednesday, for a period of two weeks from 7 pm to 6 am.

It was also decided to stop all mass and private transportation in the same period, and to close shops, malls and commercial establishments starting from five in the evening until six in the morning the following day, while the decision excluded bakeries and pharmacies.

The Prime Minister also decided to close cafes, cafeterias, nightclubs and all leisure activities, to close restaurants and similar shops that offer food and only to deliver orders to homes. In addition to the suspension of real estate registration services, building permits and other departments that provide closure services and all sports and popular clubs On All of the republic.

For schools and universities, it will be closed for another 15 days, and work will continue to reduce the size of employees in the public sector and the business sector for another 15 days.

And on the application of the penalties prescribed in the emergency law, which starts at 4 thousand pounds and ends with imprisonment for anyone who violates the decisions and all of these decisions as a precautionary measure to prevent corona virus in order to preserve the safety of citizens.

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