We are alone on the terms of the Ministry of Education. The use of graduates to work as teachers, with a share … The monthly salary is 1920 pounds


The “Al-Ahram Gate” is unique in publishing the rules of using graduates of colleges of education to work in schools, in class, as one of the solutions in front of the Ministry of Education to fill the teachers’ deficit.

At the head of the rules comes the failure to impose the state’s public budget on any financial burden as a result of the use of these workers, the availability of educational qualifications commensurate with the nature of the position used for it, and to ensure that in the future it is not required to appoint to the state budget.

The conditions stipulated that preference should be given to using the share of teachers who had previously been used in a competition of 36 thousand teachers, based on the competency report issued in their regard for the previous period by the principal and first mentor.

It remains the most important condition, that each educational administration and directorate provide the central administration for security at the Ministry of Education to reveal the names of those who are selected by the teachers for the share to obtain the approval of the concerned authorities, and licenses to all those who are hired, according to the actual need and according to the disability in schools.

The license to teach the share will not be considered a contract, and the appointment may not be requested, and the administrative authority may dispense with the assistance of the employee at any time without requiring any compensation or continuity of work.

And the shareholders will not be able to work in the share, participate in the work of the examinations or the monitoring or daily supervision committees, and the teacher quorum in the share may not exceed 24 lessons per week, i.e. equivalent to 1920 pounds per month if the teacher gets the maximum number of shares every week.

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