We are considering postponing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics until 2021


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Dick Pound, a veteran International Olympic Committee member, said today, the Olympic Games in Tokyo It will be postponed until 2021.

A member of the International Olympic Committee said that the competition will not take place as planned this year.

“Based on the information provided by the International Olympic Committee, it was decided to postpone,” Bowen added.

“The parameters were not specified in the future, however the games It won’t start on July 24th, and I know that a lot. ”

In response to Pound’s comments, an IOC spokesman said: “Well, as we announced yesterday, we’re looking at scenarios.”

This comes after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe admitted that postponing the Olympic Games in Tokyo may be “inevitable” as the world continues to fight the coronavirus.

On Monday, Abe told parliament that Japan was still committed to hosting a “full” Games, but added: “If this becomes difficult, given the athletes’ eyes first, it may become imperative that we make a decision to postpone.”

The decision came as Canada and Australia announced that they would not send athletes if the games were held this year.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Sunday it will hold discussions that will include the option to delay games for a year or more due to a coronavirus outbreak, but said canceling the games would not solve problems or help anyone.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach has sent a letter to athletes explaining the decision and why it may take so long.

“I know this unprecedented situation leaves many questions,” he wrote. “I also know that this rational approach may not be in keeping with the feelings that many of you must go through.”

The IOC’s move seemed inevitable, with pressure mounting on all sides – athletes, sponsors, broadcasters and more than 200 National Olympic Committees and international sports federations.

Shortly after Bach’s statement, the Canadian Olympic Committee said it would not send teams to the Olympics unless the matches were postponed for a year. Australia issued a statement saying it advises its athletes to prepare for the Olympic Games in 2021.

Waste Tokyo Olympics 2020 medals
Preparations are continuing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, and the Organizing Committee aspires to keep pace with the launch of the competitions showcasing the latest science and technology, and the Organizing Committee was interested in adopting a distinct idea through a project to manufacture medals that winners will receive from recycled electronic devices.

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