We are studying production of the Cologne 555 and its distribution on the market as antiseptics. Watch


The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade tends to reproduce Qasimah and Shabrawishi products Cologne 555 Through the Sugar and Integrated Industries Company in a big way to redistribute it in the market as one of the most prominent disinfectants in the market

Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, confirmed that it will be provided within consumer complexes urgently, pointing out that it is the highest concentration of alcohol, and in some cases it reaches 90%, explaining that the Sugar Integrated Industries Company is the largest alcohol producer in Egypt.

Sami Akrab, branch manager at Al-Ahram complexes, told Echo Al-Balad that Cologne 555 will be available in the complex’s branches starting next week.

He explained that the Cologne 555 antiseptic is used after shaving or others to disinfect objects from viruses.

The Sugar Company for Integrated Industries produces Cologne 555, and the company is divided into several sectors, including the fragrance and extracts factories sector, under the name “Kisma and Shabrawishy”, and confirmed through its official website, that it is one of the most famous brands in the perfume and cosmetic industry in Egypt, as it dates back to the middle of the last century.

It is mentioned that the Ministry of Industry and Trade decided to prohibit the export of alcohol in all its types, especially those used in the manufacture of disinfectants, steroids, antiseptics and protective supplies, with a view to providing it to the internal market, during the current period.

And Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, has confirmed that a meeting will be held with the Sugar and Integrated Industries Company, with the aim of redistributing ethyl alcohol used in purifying the facilities, explaining that this company is the largest alcohol producer in Egypt.

Al-Moselaihi added, during a meeting on the Egyptian channel “Al-Oula” with the “Ninth” program, that the targeted destinations are hospitals, factories and places of major gatherings, and the products of “555, Qasimah and Shabrawishy” will be provided in consumer complexes soon, which is the highest concentration of alcohol, and reaches in Some are up to 90%.

Al-Moselaihi pointed out that the deficit that occurred in the products of alcoholic antiseptics as a result of most of them being produced from the private sector and there was no demand for them in the first place before the developments of the Corona virus; noting that the study of putting up medical masks and antiseptics on ration cards is being studied.

And Al-Moselhi confirmed that he met with the authorities concerned with providing basic commodities, and it was confirmed that all the raw materials needed to produce the food commodities present are sufficient for the next 4 months.

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