We publish details of Kuwaiti measures with Egyptian travelers to prevent corona virus


Ahmed Kassab

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Monday 2 March 2020 – 12:12 AM
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Monday 2 March 2020 – 12:12 AM

Al-Shorouk obtained a copy of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health’s letter addressed to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior regarding taking precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus, with travelers coming from Egypt via all airlines.

The letter stipulated that the passengers from the Arab Republic of Egypt who suffer from high temperatures will not be allowed to board the plane until it is confirmed that the results of the “PCR” examination of their Corona virus are negative on the day of travel with the rise in temperature rise.

The letter stated that the health form is filled out for travelers who suffer from a rise in temperature, and when the traveler arrives at Kuwait International Airport, the temperature will be measured at the gate of the plane, and in the absence of a rise in temperature the usual procedures will be taken with giving them all instructions, follow-up and health control Character for 14 days.

In the event of a rise in temperature, the traveler is transferred to the quarry designated to take an immediate blood sample from it and analyze it. If the result is negative, the person will be followed for a period of 14 days in domestic isolation. If the result is negative, the injured will be isolated in the hospital designated for that with taking the pledge and approval Health and adherence to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

“Al-Shorouq” also obtained the decision of the General Administration of Civil Aviation in the State of Kuwait, issued with the number “13/2020”, for all public airlines at Kuwait International Airport, in response to the aforementioned Ministry of Health letter regarding the precautionary measures to counter the emerging Corona virus, where the decision stipulated the application The text of the aforementioned Ministry of Health letter.

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