“We were misunderstood.” A Sudanese official comments on Khartoum’s position on the file of the Renaissance Dam


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Al-Siddiq Tower, a member of the Sudanese Council of Sovereignty, said that Sudan dealt with the issue of the Renaissance Dam “with care for the interests of the three countries that share the waters of the Nile, and everyone agrees that the benefit should affect all, and I think our position in the Arab League has been misunderstood.”

“The Sudanese position is keen on the interest of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. The issue is not a battle between Addis Ababa and Cairo, and we have taken a position of neutrality, but the crisis needs to be managed in a manner that takes into account the interests of everyone,” the member of the Sovereign Council added in an interview with the Russian agency “Sputnik”.

Yawar continued, “Our position may have taken some sensitivity, on the basis that Sudan is supposed to line up with Egypt, Egypt is a sister country and its people are brother and Ethiopia is a neighboring and sister country and we are keen not to harm the Ethiopian and Egyptian interests, just as the Sudanese interest is not harmed, and this equation is not difficult Overtaking for the three countries ».

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