We will have to change the study date next year in this case


Dr. Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education, confirmed that there is one case that we will have to effect To start studying next year, two weeks earlier, for specific groups of students.

The Minister of Education said: If any student in the transport classes is unable to present the research project on the basis of which the evaluation process will take place instead of exams this year, due to the lack of internet, SIM or mobile, In this case, the student who did not submit his required research project will have to start the next academic year two weeks before its date in order to complete the study and exam for passage for the next academic year.

The Minister of Education said: If the student submits his project on the communication platform on time, before May 15, 2020, he will not have to start studying two weeks earlier.

And Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, has provided a detailed explanation of the project system that has been decided to be applied in place of the traditional examination system for the first time this year for students of some classes.

Where the Minister of Education said that for the transportation years from 3 primary to 2 preparatory, as well as home students in the first and second grades, and students with special needs studying in the first and second grades, all of them will apply the project preparation system (research).

The Minister of Education stated that the same is true for Egyptian students abroad, the electronic platform and the digital library will be used, and the projects (research) system will be applied and examinations will not be taken, due to the circumstances of the countries residing in them.

For the said students, the Minister of Education said, we have decided for the first time to replace the traditional exams with projects that will be made available on the new online platform opened by the Ministry of Education for Distance Education.

The Minister of Education added: We will put on our new electronic platform in every article a specific project, and we will give each student the possibility to solve this project alone or with a group of his colleagues whose size does not exceed 5 students.

The Minister of Education explained that after the student solves this project, either alone or with a group of his colleagues under the supervision of the teacher, using the platform, this project will be presented and thus the student will have performed what is required of him in this article.

The Minister of Education indicated that there is a time limit for dissolving the project during the period from today 19 March to the last day of examinations in the timetable that was scheduled for “half of May.” Students have a two-month deadline until mid-May. “

With regard to the method of dissolving the project, the Minister of Education said, the solution can be done through a communication platform between students and teachers, just as the project solutions will be inside the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. requester”.

The minister said: This is enough for us to finish the academic year and evaluate students without worrying about exams, memorization and indoctrination, and thus students will learn the importance of teamwork, self-work, team spirit and how to search in references.

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