What is the fate of Donia Butma after the arrest of her sister in the case of “Hamza Moon Bibi”?


The investigating judge ordered the Court of First Instance in Marrakesh to complete the investigation with Ibtisam, the sister of Moroccan artist Donia Battma, and deposit her at the Al-Wadaya prison to be interrogated and interrogated while she was arrested, against the background of the Hamza Moon Bibi account case and her involvement in blackmail and defamation of celebrities.

This decision came after the end of the detailed discussion with Ibtisam, about a month after the arrest of the fashion designer Aisha Ayyash, who was arrested during her stay in Dubai and brought through Interpol, and she was taken by the National Security to the headquarters of the National Division to start the initial investigation, to admit that she was involved Butma and her sister are on this account, and that they are among the executing managers of the account with some other individuals.

Social media pioneers shared a video of the police car and announced that it was the moment that Ibtisam was taken to prison, and we could not verify the information.

It is expected that similar legal measures will be taken with the controversial Moroccan artist in the coming days, and it is also expected that there will be a direct confrontation between her and Aisha, as happened with Ibtisam before moving her to prison.


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