What is wrong? My mistake, an Egyptian woman with a corona, cries and warns the citizens from inside the quarantine .. Watch


In light of the fear of many people and their commitment to their homes for fear of infection with the new Corona virus,
While some questioned the severity of the disease, an Egyptian girl published an important letter from
Inside the quarantine is “Matlagtoushat my fault.”

Communication pioneers shared a video of an Egyptian girl inside Al-Hajar Hospital
The health ministry warned against mixing and visits under the mistaken belief, “The disease is far away
About Me”.

The girl said in great sadness speaking about Corona: “Do not mistake my fault … Sit in your homes, oh
A group … the topic is serious and dangerous, “she added,” I was visiting my friends and leaving
And I traveled, so I was thinking about the disease far away from me, but I did not look far away and actually got infected.

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She asked everyone to take safety measures from hand sanitizing and not to touch the face outside
The house if they are forced out and upon returning to the home, and upon returning to the home sterilized
Keys and door handles.

Then I finally asked people to pray for her to recover in great sadness, which sparked a wide wave
Of sympathy for her on social media.


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