WhatsApp Gold 2020 releases a great update and adds new features and a download link


WhatsApp is golden whatsapp gold The new and modified version of the global WhatsApp application, a kiss for many users during the recent period, due to the enjoyment of this application of many advantages and continuous updates that add a lot of features, knowing that the application is for instant messaging of Facebook, and it is widely used Either for individuals or companies, its developers are constantly working on rolling out modified versions.

WhatsApp Gold application

After the great success achieved by the WhatsApp application in terms of the number of large downloads, where a smartphone is almost free of this application, what prompted the company that owned it to launch a number of its own updates and resulted in some applications emanating from it, which each holds its advantages, we now find WhatsApp Blue Plus, WhatsApp Gold whatsapp gold Available now with its new speaking and great additions.

The new WhatsApp gold application and its comparison with the regular version
WhatsApp Gold 2020 releases a great update and adds new features and a download link

Besides the new features, the WhatsApp Gold app is loaded whatsapp gold The main tasks of sending text messages and media such as photos and videos and making traditional voice and video calls, it also supports all modes through settings such as dark dark mode and others, and finally launched a new update that brought with it various additions in order to fulfill customer demands.

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Advantages and download whatsapp gold

And on the most important advantages that the golden WhatsApp update brought:

  • Allow the collection of modes, including the dark mode.
  • Enable masking.
  • The possibility of not displaying photos and videos from the studio.
  • The ability to see all deleted messages by the sender at any time.
  • Hide blue reading marks that appear when reading messages.
  • Enable the feature not to display writing.
  • The ability to post videos longer than the minimum.
Activate the night mode in WhatsApp
WhatsApp Gold 2020 releases a great update and adds new features and a download link

As for the new update from whatsapp gold It holds number 2.19.216, and it can be downloaded and activated, the new update through the download link on Android phones, and enjoys trying to download the status and lock the conversation with a secret number, and the recordings run automatically, and it can be downloaded through the link: Golden WhatsApp.


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