WhatsApp on iPhone and Android .. The best 3 tricks that many people do not know


It is an instant messaging app Whatsapp Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app with over two billion people around In the worldAnd, therefore, he constantly gets a large set of updates, as he has many advantages that make everyone prefer him over others.
And if you want to get the most out of the app on phones Iphone And AndroidHere are some basic tricks you should use:

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Free up storage space:

Uses an application what’s up Large storage space for use in storing media, messages and voice messages, the application data storage feature allows users to manually verify and manage their data, and the amount of data exchanged with a specific user can also be seen by using this feature and deleting unimportant data.

Fingerprint Lock Application:

It is a protection trick with which you can lock WhatsApp fingerprint, only you can turn on biometric authentication for iOS fixed applications and Android applications, for use in iOS, go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Screen Lock, select Touch ID / Face ID and choose the time To activate the lock, Android users can also enable the lock in this way.

Eliminate annoying group extensions:

With this trick, you can get rid of the inconvenience caused by group chat on WhatsApp, by preventing friends or people who own your number from adding you to random groups, to avoid that go to the “privacy” groups and select “no one” or “private contacts” B “instead of the” All “option.


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