When does the officer have the right to inspect cars in Egyptian law? Learn about cases


Is the police right to inspect the car in
Various ambushes and when the police officer is entitled to inspect the car
Questioned Many minded
Citizens of Sada country clarify the procedures followed in the inspection of private cars and rights

Do the officer or the military have the right to search?
The Car

Shaaban Saeed, the lawyer, denounced that
Fixed ambushes on the roads are present to control the apparent and apparent crimes, indicating that
The officer may not search for the crime himself
Saeed pointed out that only cases of flagrante delicto are
This makes the necessity to search, for example, to break into an ambush, or to fire at it
Saeed called for placing cameras inside the ambushes
To control outlaws and clarify all what is happening in it against the officer or accused

Saeed added, “The officer has no right to search.”
The car, indicating it is in
most Drug cases mention the officer in his minutes it’s a See
A piece of hashish while seeing licenses, or see a burning cigarette inside the car.

Egyptian law states that it is not permissible
The judicial police officer may inspect cars in ambushes, except in two cases, if the first case He had permission from the Public Prosecution Office to search and provide numbers
The car, the reason for its inspection, and the second case, if
The driver or his co-worker was wearing a drug that emits anesthesia
Anesthetic or odor With him a visible firearm
In a clear place.

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