WHO: Corona virus is airborne in this case


The World Health Organization said that the Coronavirus is transmitted through the droplet from the infected person and not through the air, stressing that only one case can be transmitted through the air, if the patient is in a hospital and he is exposed to respiratory procedures that are suitable for the condition if he suffers from A specific disease and the devices were contaminated with the virus.

John Jabbour, director of the WHO office in Cairo, said in a press conference that is broadcast online from the WHO office in Cairo: Studies conducted to this day indicate that the virus that causes Covid-19 is transmitted primarily through contact with respiratory droplets rather than through the air. .

Dr. Ahmed Al-Manzari, Director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, has confirmed that the countries of the region have reported 18 thousand and 19 cases infected with Corona virus in 18 countries, including 1010 deaths so far in 7 countries, adding: “We are now witnessing an increase in local transmission of the disease , And this gives us cause for concern and requires us to expedite further the efforts and unification of efforts. ”

Al-Manzari said: “Over the past few weeks, a team of WHO experts and other public health experts went on joint missions to many countries in the region, where cases have been reported and there are missions that will go to other countries in the coming days. “.

He continued: “The objectives of the joint missions are to define the dynamics of disease transmission and vulnerable populations, to provide guidance on enhancing the outbreak response and to expand this response, including the identification of priority control measures, and to provide guidance on enhancing preparedness in areas not yet affected by the pandemic.” .

He continued: “At the regional level, the organization’s teams noted the spirit of courage and dedication between doctors, nurses and other health workers on the front lines to combat this pandemic, as they are doing their best to save lives despite the challenges.” He continued: “The organization’s teams have also seen efforts to strengthen disease surveillance and enhance Rapid laboratory examination, and support for families whose members are subject to isolation or are themselves in quarantine. “

Describing the current situation as a pandemic, it does not mean that countries focus solely on imposing additional strict measures on travel and trade. This description does not change the organization’s assessment of the threat posed by this virus, or its recommendations. All countries must strike a careful balance between protecting health and reducing economic and social imbalances.


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