Why do the stars break the quarantine?


Since the major contests in Europe have stopped and all teams have imposed sanitary insulation on their players, especially after the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid 19).

However, despite the suspension of football activity in the old continent, the past period has witnessed a sudden reaction of the soccer stars about the breach of sanitary insulation.

Starting from Mount:

The start came from the Chelsea Mason Mount player when he broke into the team’s sanitary isolation system imposed on his players, especially after the young player Calum Hudson Odoey was infected with the virus.

Chelseas request was clear to its players after asking everyone to undergo self-isolation in their homes for 14 days after their colleague Udoy was infected with the Coruna virus.

The British newspaper “Mirror” revealed that Mount went out of his house to play football with West Ham midfielder Declan Rice.

After his reaction, Mount contacted his coach, Frank Lampard, personally to apologize for not implementing the instructions, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Juventus’ double escape

In Juventus, the Corona virus hit three of its players, Danielle Rugani, Blaise Matuidi and Paulo Dybala, but these cases were not a wake-up call for most of the stars of Juventus.

The start was with the Argentine Gonzalo Higuain, who broke through the quarantine to try to escape to his country by private plane.

Italian press reports revealed that the Juventus striker tried to escape from quarantine and travel to Argentina.

According to the newspaper “La Repubblica” Italian, Higuain went to Turin airport, carrying a medical certificate stating that he is safe from the virus, with a private plane waiting for him.

The newspaper added, that the controls set by the Italian authorities prevented Higuain and his family from traveling, which forced the 32-year-old to arrange a trip that begins in France first, then Spain and from there he goes to South America.

On the other hand, the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” revealed that the Juventus administration confirmed that there was a misunderstanding that had occurred with Higuain while traveling to his country, in order to check on his sick mother, after obtaining permission to leave.

The stances of Juventus stars continue, this time after a new attempt by Brazilian Douglas Costa to leave for his country before the supposed 14-day quarantine period expires.

The Italian newspaper “Futbol Italia”, said that Costa obtained permission from Juventus to return to Brazil in order to spend time with his family.

– An attack on Jovic:

The Serbian striker and Real Madrid player Luka Jovi لله was attacked after being convicted by the Serbian police for violating the sanitary isolation decision.

The Spanish newspaper “AS” reported that Jovic may face penalties in his country for his behavior after the Serbian police followed in the footsteps of the Real striker.

The Serbian newspaper “Bleach” described Jovic’s “stupid” behavior, despite warnings from the authorities about curbing the spread of the virus.

Hareth recklessness:

The Moroccan player Amine Hareth, player of the Schalke team, acted recklessly during the period of sanitary isolation, after he left during the curfew imposed by the security authorities in Germany.

German police convicted the Moroccan player after he went to a cafe with a friend to smoke shisha.

The sports director of Schalke Club went out to defend the player who participated in breaching the rules in Germany, to say, “I know the mistake he made while he apologizes for what he caused and confirms that he did not repeat this behavior.”


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