Will the government abolish hookahs in cafes because of “Corona”? .. “Ministers” speaker responds


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Ambassador Nader Saad, a cabinet spokesman, revealed the fact that shisha was banned in cafes because of the Corona virus. In his statements to the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, the cabinet spokesman confirmed on Al-Hadath channel that the decision is up to the Ministry of Health – if there is a recommendation from the Ministry of Health of the grave danger, it will be implemented immediately.

He stressed that the Council studied the timing of the birthdays witnessed by Egypt in the current and existing period and the resulting mass gatherings at the last meeting, and continued that there will be a decision on them within hours in light of the reports of the Ministry of Health, which warned of its danger. He continued: «There are countries that prevented Friday and Umrah prayers, so how can we leave the birthdays despite our respect for the stature of the owners of birthdays and the value they represent to their owners.»

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