With lap .. Hilla Shiha and Nisreen Amin break the rules for prevention of corona


The artist, Hala Shiha, has published on her personal account on the social networking site and the exchange of photos and videos, Instagram, a new photo of her, accompanied by Nisreen Amin.And a solution appeared Sheha With a casual T-shirt look white And jeans with a black jacket grabbed her hand, and she will not adopt a solution that appears in makeup, but she appeared by nature and embraced Nisreen Trustworthy That appeared With a view Casual gray sweatshirt, jeans and T-shirt with cap on her hair.

Hala and Nesreen broke the rules of not getting close and mixing because of the Corona virus and wrote in a comment on the photo: “A beautiful coincidence with the beautiful Nisreen Amen with her love and love of her feeling and acting ….. Wish you success and success, Nesso 💕


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