Witness: Asalas mother embarrasses her: “The women after the stone came up with a rope” .. What is the relationship of Haifa Wehbe?


The mother of the Syrian actress, Asala Nasri, appeared during a live broadcast, browsing her phone, saying, “The women after the quarantine came out with a rope.”Asala Nasri started broadcasting live with her two children playing, so her mother appeared behind them and started talking, so Asala warns her that she is in a live broadcast.

According to “Norte”, Asala was forced to end the live broadcast after her mother mentioned the name of the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe.

The video was very popular with followers of the artist Asala Nasri, and there were numerous comments between a critic and a questioner about the “pregnant women” mentioned by her mother, and about Haifa Wehbe’s relationship to the subject.

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