Yasmine Sabry and the diamond ring exceed $ 200,000 – photo


The video, published by Egyptian star Yasmine Sabry more than a week ago, stirred everyone’s attention, precisely because of the precious diamond ring that appeared on the finger of her right hand.

What is the secret of this ring that Jasmine deliberately showed on more than one occasion, and is there a beautiful story behind it that its details may be revealed in the next stage?

The ring is made of pure diamond, a special design of 5.8 carats, and the price is not less than approximately 200 thousand dollars. Diam Jewelery was signed by the ancient name in the world of diamonds and precious stones by its owner, Mr. Ibrahim Nassour.

We portray the son of a family passionate about diamonds and precious stones, very seriously. He inherited from his father his passion for jewelry. He travels to Africa in search of the rarest and most precious diamonds and precious stones of his choice from the mines, and he works carefully with them to give each lady her own piece of jewelry.

Yasmine Sabry and the diamond ring


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