“You suffer from shortness of breath” .. The director of Cairo security rescues a girl with his car


09:30 PM

Sunday 29 March 2020

Mohamed El-Sawy wrote:

In a good gesture, Major General Ashraf El-Gendy ordered the Director of Cairo Security to transfer a sick girl to Manshiet El Bakry Hospital in his private car during the time of the imposition of the movement ban.

A security source at the Cairo Security Directorate said that during the passage of Major General Ashraf El-Gendy, the assistant minister for Cairo Security, in the area of ​​a thousand residences, to inspect security ambushes during the application of the decision to prohibit movement, he was surprised by a man carrying his daughter, looking for a car, but he did not find.

The fiftieth man approached the police ambush, and Major General Soldier instructed the police officers to inquire about the matter.

On the reason for his presence in the street, Nasruddin said that his daughter was subjected to a sudden health problem and that she was suffering from shortness of breath, and failed to find a car to be transported during the movement ban.

Immediately, Major General Ashraf al-Jundi ordered the transfer of the girl and her father in his private car to Manshiyat al-Bakri Hospital, and directed the transfer of a security force with them to check on the girl and ensure that the necessary is provided to her.

After reassuring the girl and providing her with the necessary treatment, the security force returned her and her father to their home in Ain Shams, and the girl’s father thanked the security services and the accompanying forces.

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