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English press
Daily Mail
Premier League Cancellation

England’s top sports attorney, Richard Karmer, has confirmed that the Premier League competition should be canceled if the layoff period continues until May or June.

Karmer said: “Forget the games to resume in April, if the situation persists until May or June, the tournament must be canceled, and its time to see what happens to determine the champion, rise and fall.”

The injured and stop

Although it is difficult to catch a number of injured people in the current season’s matches from Premier League, the current stopping period will contribute to their participation in more matches.

Tottenham striker Harry Kane has started his physical training for the return and will be able to participate in the event of the return of the competitions, and the postponement of Euro 2020 if it happens will be good news for Marcus Rashford, who had confirmed his absence from the championship if it was held on time.

Premierlig contracts

Many players in the Premier League clubs will end their contracts with their clubs by June 30, what will their situation be if the competition continues after this date?

Willian and Bidou will end their contract with Chelsea at the end of June, as will Adam Lallana with Liverpool and Nemanja Matic with Manchester United, and extending the post-crisis period will be a crisis for many players.

The Sun
Is Obamyang leaving?

Pierre Emeric Aubameyang may be forced to stay at Arsenal despite Barcelonas earlier interest in him, but eyes have turned from him to Neymar and Lotharo Martinez.

Barcelona wants to sign a striker next summer to resolve the crisis he is currently suffering from, but the team turned its sights on Aubameyang, who was close to leaving for Arsenal.

Spanish press
Barcelona loses Kokuria

Getafe club activated the purchase right for Marc Kokuria from Barcelona for 6 million euros, in light of the desire of major European clubs to win the services of the player who appeared well during the loan period.

Under the contract to sell the player, Barcelona will be entitled to receive 40% of the value of his transfer from Getafe to another team, in the interest of the Bundesliga and Primerliga clubs.

Ariola may solve the problem of the Real and Paris

Alfonso Ariola has become a solution to the concerns of Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain alike as the Spanish team wants to continue, while the French club hopes to provide cash to help sign Donnaruma to compete with Keylor Navas.

Real Madrid wants Ariola to remain as a substitute for the main goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, which is what makes the team tend to convert their loan into a final purchase.

4 deals for Barcelona

Barcelona nowadays wants to settle 4 deals, namely: left-handed defending center, left side, defender midfielder and top scorer, to support the team for the next season.

Barcelona President Josep Bartomeo met with Sports Director Eric Abidal in order to resolve the names nominated for negotiation with them, to use the current pause in order to manage the matter properly.

Mundo Deportivo
How long will the Messi and Ronaldo struggle last?

Messi and Ronaldos struggle for possibilities to continue is more than expected given the offer by Juventus to the Portuguese player to stay until 2024, instead of leaving in the summer of 2022.

Messi can stay with Barcelona for a longer period if he decides, as the club welcomes him, but the Argentine can still leave next summer.

Italian press:
Toto Sport:
Martinez is approaching Barcelona

Barcelonas Laotaro Martinez goal is close to leaving Inter Milan and moving to the Blaugrana next summer.

According to the newspaper, Inter welcome the departure of the Argentine striker in exchange for the payment of the Algerian condition, which is estimated at 111 million euros.

Football Italy:
Icardi to Juventus

Juventus are seeking to strengthen their offensive ranks by hiring Mauro Icardi, loaned to Paris Saint-Germain.

Icardi moved to the Parisian club from Inter Milan with the eligibility for the final purchase, but the position of the Argentine striker is not specified.

German press
Crisis due to Thiagos comments on Corona

Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara said canceling league games is mad, calling to stop this pointless: “If we are honest, there are priorities more important than any sport.”

Alcantara continued: “Clubs will be surprised by the lack of tens of millions of marketing and television and the revenue of the masses, and clubs like any company that is required to pay salaries to employees, the matter is not limited to players only.

The newspaper, for its part, demanded that Thiago be a good example and in solidarity by donating part of his salary to help the Bundesliga.

Completing the Bundesliga without fans

Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans Joachim Fatzke said that due to Coruna, fans are not expected to return to the stands after the current layoff.

“If we play again this season, the matches will be like ghosts without a public presence,” he added. “This is completely clear, and in any case it is not yet clear when football can resume its activities yet.”

French press
France Football
Barcelona targets Martinez

Barcelona aims to sign Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez during the summer transfer period, taking advantage of the current stoppage period due to the Corona virus.

Barcelona is looking to strengthen its ranks with 4 positions, namely the left defender, wing, midfielder and striker.

Lautaro Martinez scored 11 goals in 22 Serie A matches this season with Inter.

To be installed
Paris suspends all activities

Paris Saint-Germain announced the suspension of all sports activities by the club’s various games due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus, until further notice.

The Parisian club issued a statement announcing the suspension of activity starting on Monday, March 16 without specifying the date for the return to resume activities, with new details to be announced on Wednesday, March 18, a day after the European Union meeting.

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