Your luck today and horoscope predictions Saturday 7/3/2020 on the professional, emotional and health level


A new day with your luck today and the horoscopes expectations today Saturday 7/3/2020 at the professional, emotional and health level, according to the horoscope expert Jacqueline Akiki, and waiting for the birth of the day is a distinguished year that carries a lot of financial and moral gains and sells and buys and may settle real estate or family issues in a fatal manner until the student is waiting for him Outstanding results in his educational achievement.

Born today, Saturday 7 March, from Pisces

Born today from Pisces is faith, not disoriented, patient and forgiving, and in this the ability of the Pisces to discipline and durability. It is imagination and reality, the state of life in a foggy kingdom of poetry, music and imagination. Sympathetic negative. This segment of the zodiac symbolizes the belief in the inevitability of life. The view of life is that everything is in the form of waves like the sea. Every fact as we know it is only a dream and a magic illusion that must be erased and removed.

Your luck today and horoscopes for Aries

Professionally: you succeed in rebuilding what was destroyed in the past, and start a new, bright white page, especially with the start of your new business.

Emotionally: an appropriate day to make successful decisions, and the celibate is happy to be freed from the stress and anxiety restrictions, and is eager to search for a lost or new lover.

Hygienic: Be soft with the family, at least, and do not behave in front of any behavior that does not deserve attention.

Your luck today and horoscope predictions for a Taurus baby

Professionally: You have a new job opportunity today, but you feel hesitant about it. You have to give up your stubbornness, insisting on your position will only cause you losses.

Emotionally: the beloved is a person who understands all of your circumstances, and shows great interest in whatever is bothering you to help you get rid of him ..

Hygienic: Avoid strong emotions and ease projects. You may be tense and do not know where to start and how to end.

Your luck today and horoscope predictions for a Gemini baby

Professionally: Today holds bold promises, options and very important solutions. It is a day of great progress in professional terms.

Emotionally: It seeks to please the beloved and earn his friendliness in various ways. You meet him to solve some of the outstanding problems between you two.

Hygienic: Although you generally enjoy good health, you will suffer from a problem with the nervous and digestive systems.

Your luck today and horoscope predictions for a Cancer baby

Professionally: The presence of the moon in the second house, the house of money with the sign to your sign makes you perform a mission or message, and you do a job that requires boldness and courage, and you enjoy all elements of success.

Emotionally: You get positive results as a result of your efforts. Face the beloved with what you know and not be secretive.

Hygienic: A family member was exposed to a strong healthy model, which made you anxious and weak, and held slightly.

Your luck today and horoscope predictions for a baby lion

Professionally: luck is on your side in the coming days, try to take advantage of the situation as much as possible to achieve long-awaited gains.

Emotionally: Calm your rush toward the partner, as this may create some selfishness for him.

Hygienic: Don’t be seduced in order to lose obesity overnight, be patient and keep on following the diet.

Your luck today and horoscopes for Virgo

Professionally: You may reconsider your relationships and professional relationships, live in a state of great satisfaction and not lose confidence.

Emotionally: Things get confused and ask the sincerity of the partner’s emotions towards you, so you get a comfortable answer.

Hygienic: Doing some healthy hobbies is good and helps stimulate blood circulation.

Your luck today and horoscope predictions for Libra

Professionally: A very rich day with pleasant surprises, both in terms of professional life. There is an atmosphere of entertainment, entertainment and happy news.

Emotionally: Romance is very strong today, and your coming days will be full of happiness.

Hygienic: Don’t eat too much, and don’t stop eating it. Beware.

Your luck today and horoscope predictions for a Scorpio baby

Professionally: Do not get involved in matters that do not concern you, especially since the winds of change are beginning to blow and foreshadow a close discount that you did not expect.

Emotionally: any harsh word alienates the partner from you. Avoid this and try to get as close to him as possible.

Hygienic: You are unable to do anything to get rid of all that is harmful to your health.

Your luck today and horoscopes for Sagittarius

Professionally: You hear good news that raises your spirits and helps you overcome crises and problems, whether through a message you receive or a call from one of them.

Emotionally: Conditions may not be right for you today as things pile up on you and you do not know where to start.

Hygienic: The problems surrounding you are frequent and leave you in a state of fatigue and exhaustion.

Your luck today and horoscope predictions for Capricorn baby

Professionally: it reconsiders some professional associations, and receives responses from officials, power centers, or authorities.

Emotionally: Your meeting on time is good, but not if you are going to create barriers of arrogance and arrogance. Provide these plans to win the heart of the beloved.

Hygienic: Stay as far as possible from spending long nights in which there is more smoking.

Your luck today and horoscope predictions for Aquarius baby

Professionally: There are many positive possibilities, and they achieve success in the world of trade, promotion, advertising, media and marketing.

Emotionally: today you have a lot of magic so you will know well how to work with those close to you.

Healthy: Eat salads rich in vegetables, an important evening if you are on a diet.

Your luck today and horoscope predictions for Pisces

Professionally: the atmosphere prevails more positives and emotions disappear and the logic in the relationships is blocked.

Emotionally: Too much reprimand does not work, and you must forget the past and start again, as long as you benefit from the past.

Hygienic: Don’t get excited by the slightest of things superficial, and give yourself more rest.


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