Zamalek renews its request for dues in the Football Association through the Ministry of Sports


Zamalek officials renewed the request for the financial dues of the White Club at the Football Association, which was sent by the Confederation of African Football “CAF” to the Citadel of Mit Oqba via the Egyptian Football Association, where the white club will address the Ministry of Youth and Sports to obtain these dues.

Football Association officials revealed that the Football Association received an amount 275 One thousand dollars from the Confederation of African Football “K” from the dues of Zamalek club from his participation in the African Champions League and the last Confederation Championship, and that the amount was deposited in the Football Association’s treasury from the Zamalek Club debts, and that there is an agreement between the Federation and Zamalek to obtain the arrears of Zamalek from their dues from The African Union, and this was done after the registration of the players last January.

The Football Association officials also clarified the fact that a letter from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) received a “sufficient” claim to the tribe not to delay the Zamalek club its financial dues sent by the CAF after the White qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League, and the Football Association clarified that the CAF did not send any letters in this regard, and that an opponent Al-Gabaliyyas dues for Zamalek from Filos El-Kaf comes on the basis of the pledge signed by the financial manager of the white club, that deduction of Zamalek’s dues with enough to resolve the Zamalek debt crisis so that he is allowed to register his players locally and Africa, especially since all clubs paid their late dues to Jabaliya.

Zamalek officials reject that issue, which was clarified by the Egyptian Football Association, where the white administration demanded to obtain the club’s dues coming from the CAF until there is financial liquidity to pay a number of The team’s obligations The first football in the white club.


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