Zoom for video calls is worth $ 38 billion thanks to working from home


A Business Insider report has revealed the value of the program Zoom Video calls to $ 38 billion with increased reliance on video calls for meetings and chatting with colleagues, after many employees around the world had to work from home due to the Corona virus.

The company announced its shares in April 2018, and the company’s share price has increased several days ago By 22% to $ 159.07 a share, as shares rose Zoom By more than 100% since January 31.

Company has not disclosed Zoom After the number of new users I added, but it indicated in a file to investors last Friday that the increased use will lead to an increase in infrastructure costs..

Over the past few weeks, the company has started to cancel the 40-minute limit on conference calls and make it free for schools that have had to close their doors in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe.

But with application attempts Zoom To extend its reach to hundreds of thousands of home offices and schools all over the world, experts raised concerns about security policies and data protection.

When speaking to Business Insider The most prominent number of cyber security insiders feature within the app that allows their hosts Zoom It tracks the interaction of participants with video calls, the ease with which files can be shared incorrectly, and the lack of clarity about the company’s privacy policy.

And last January, I discovered a company Check Point Research For cyber security there is a defect in Zoom It would have allowed hackers to listen to video conferences without an invitation, with access to internal files and other sensitive information.

Tell Tom Lysemose Hansen , Chief Technology and Safety Officer for a company Promon Location Business Insider That weak points Zoom “I became clear “after this accident.

He said: “As with any type of program, video trading platforms are vulnerable to piracy, and unfortunately, as more and more people start using this technology, attackers will start targeting them with increasing frequency.. “

He told Zoom Business Insider That the problems you mentioned Check Point It has been resolved publicly before it is published, adding that the company has updated a number of features (such as meeting ID verification and device blocking) that “will reduce the effectiveness of harmful tools”.. “


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