10 errors that make the muzzle cause you to be infected with the Corona virus


The difference in the attitudes of health experts is still clear regarding the effectiveness of wearing masks when leaving the house to prevent the risk of infection with the Corona virus, due to errors that increase the chance of contracting the virus rather than protecting it.

The new Corona virus has killed at least 65,272 people worldwide since its outbreak in December in China, out of more than 1.2 million infections in 190 countries, according to Agence France-Presse, which relies on official country data.

US President Donald Trump called on Americans to wear gags or a scarf in order to cover the nose when going outside.

But there are those who warn against the mistakes of using gags in a way that may cause harm and infection, and these are the 10 most important errors that were reported by a report published by “eatthis”.

Using a contaminated muzzle:

You should use the muzzle once unless it is intended for use more than once, and you should know that once it is removed it cannot be worn again, and if you put it on any surface it may become contaminated and for this you should not use it.

Touch the muzzle with your hands:

Wearing a muzzle does not mean that you are immune from catching an infection with the Coronavirus, and you must stop touching your face while you are wearing it.

Wear a full day’s muzzle:

Medical personnel know very well that the mask should be changed in the case of one-time masks or as cleansed every two hours for masks that are used more than once.

Wearing the muzzle under the nose:

Because you are not used to wearing masks, many people download them from the nose level, and return them after a while, which means that if the virus is on its outer surface you are transferring it directly to your nose, and you should always keep it above the nose level and below the level of the chin.

Put the muzzle too late:

You should wear a protective mask while you are in your home before going outside, or while you’re in the car, not when you’re in a store or crowded place.

Do not trust the muzzle completely:

You might think that when you wear a protective mask, this will protect you 100 percent and create a false sense of security for you, and become confidently approaching others, and do not consider the issue of safety distance with the people around you.

Spray the mask with sterilizers:

You can spray the mask if it is intended for use more than once with sterilizers, but without exaggeration. As for the one-time use, you should get rid of it directly and wash your hands well, and try not to touch its outer surface.

Touch the mask with the tongue:

Some people might try to keep the mask out of his mouth by using his tongue, and this means that makes him wet and his pores become wider, which means the risk of infection with the virus, and you have to keep it dry.

Wrong wearing the muzzle:

It may be ambiguous for many inexperienced people to wear protective medical masks by wearing them on the opposite, so that the outer part comes in contact with the face, which means that the filter piece whose task it is not to enter the particles for you will not work as required of them.

A belief that all gags work with the same efficiency:

Gags differ from each other and even medical ones. There is the most level of protection, the best that carries encoding (N95), and you have to know well what muzzle you place on your face and its level of protection.


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