15 “Shubra Al-Bho” were arrested for intercepting the burial of a female doctor


04:22 PM

Saturday 11 April 2020

Dakahlia – Rami Mahmoud:

The security forces in Dakahlia Governorate arrested 15 residents of the Bahou Frick Village of the Aga Center in Dakahlia Governorate today, Saturday, accusing them of gathering to prevent the burial of a doctor who died from being infected with the “Corona emerging” virus.

A number of people in the village of Shubra al-Baho ​​had gathered to prevent the burial of a female doctor in the village’s graves and one of the town’s residents stated that citizens of the city had intercepted the ambulance transporting the doctor’s body to prevent her entering the graves of her husband’s family for burial, and demanding that the body be buried in her family’s graves located in another nearby village But the police intervened, the burial was completed, and the protesters dispersed.

The security forces had moved to the village of Shubra El-Bahou to try to persuade the families to bury the doctor, in the presence of representatives of the Health Administration at the Aga Center, to show that there was no risk of burying the body, and with the persistence of the families’ refusal, their forces dispersed and the woman was buried.

Dr. Shawky Allam, the Mufti of the Republic, issued a statement commenting on the refusal of some citizens to bury the martyrs of the “Corona” virus, in which he said that it has no relation to religion or morals.

The Mufti added in a statement today, Saturday: “It is not permissible to follow mob methods of objecting to burying the martyrs of the” Corona “virus that did not die to our religion, to our values, or to our morals with the slightest connection. If the deceased had met his Lord affected by the Corona virus, he is in Ruling on the martyr of God Almighty for what he found of pain, fatigue and suffering until God Almighty met with a calculated patient, so if the deceased were from the Almoravid doctors who face death at every moment and sacrifice their comfort, but their lives for the safety and survival of others, then gratitude, respect, and reverence in their right is a duty and speeding up their honor is obligatory “.

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